Established since 1965

With more than 50 years of experience in the essential oil industry, PT Karimun Kencana Aromatics has built a reputation as a world-leading provider of Indonesian essential oils. This outcome is the culmination of years of hard work, patience, trust and close collaboration between the company and our partners.

Tracing our roots as a patchouli exporter, PT Karimun Kencana Aromatics has since grown and expanded to offer other Indonesian-based essential oils. We also operate manufacturing facilities to provide value-added products. With full scale laboratory facilities, PT Karimun Kencana Aromatics strives to provide high quality products to meet customer requirements.

Adhering to the principles of quality, integrity and reliability, PT Karimun Kencana Aromatics is a trusted provider and partner to many in the industry, and has won many accolades.


To be an internationally recognized, leading provider of world class natural essential oils and a preeminent partner to our customers.


To constantly challenge ourselves and provides world-class quality essential oils coupled with exceptional customer service to all our customers.

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